A Marketing Contractor & Project Manager in One...

If you need help to:

  • Launch a new business, event, service, product or website

  • Improve your communications with customers and stakeholders

  • Grow your customer base

  • Manage an overall project

…then please get in touch with Project Gem.

Key Deliverables

Project Gem can provide your business with the hands-on marketing and project management support it needs.

More specifically, this could involve:

  • Preparing and implementing marketing plans, project plans, brand guidelines and business plans

  • Developing marketing materials, merchandise, communications and award submissions

  • Organising and attending events

  • Creating and implementing processes and improvements

  • Website project management: sourcing and briefing a designer/developer, copywriting (including metadata for Search Engine Optimisation), applying your branding, and testing/editing the site prior to and after launch/edits

  • Generally getting stuff done that you don’t have time for!

Benefits for Your Business

  • Generate more customers and income, cost effectively

  • Help as and when your business needs it, to suit your budget

  • Focus your effort on the things you know and do best

  • Save money by getting help prioritising your time and being better organised

  • Flexible working/ meeting arrangements that fit your needs

  • Reduce your stress – trust in Project Gem and juggle less!

Want to find out more? Please do get in touch!